Thank you for giving us the chance to learn your techniques under this beautiful, well organized, friendly, family like and worry free environment.   Your workshop just like a treasure box, we are not only discovered silk painting knowledge, techniques, but also art of living such as cooking, table setting, and interior design…   We really appreciated this unforgettable experience.

Christy, California

Hello Karen

I know your next group comes in tonight – lucky them!

Saying THANK YOU is so inadequate for all your fun, patience, expertise and drills!  I could not be more thrilled that I made the trip and met you, and learned so much in 3 very full days!  You are certainly very well organized or everyone would need at least another 3 days to accomplish what we did!    It quite boggles the mind that you managed to switch tasks, with all necessary items somewhere at hand, and keep us on track timewise too!  I am an organized  person, so I really do admire and appreciate the planning and knowledge that you gave to each of us.

And of course, Rick is so much part of this dynamic duo!  I can see that you are a magnificent team!   My sincere thanks to him for his patience and all he did for the group.

Deb and I spent 3 hours talking about how wonderful you and Rick are in the shuttle this morning and we were still short of words.  I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful i feel to have such a wonderful experience with you both!  Your smile really cheered me up and the way you treat everyone (i.e., mail man, UPS lady, neighbors and us)  has been a wonderful example for me to follow.  I truly feel blessed to have you both in my life!!!


Thank you so much for your great instruction, and to both you and Rick for your unparalleled hospitality

Hi Karen

Like I said I love my trip to Seattle more than a diamond.  That is true it is from the bottom of my heart,  the diamond I will just look at it.  But what I learn from you and with your guide.  You make me enjoy my painting much more and which enhance my life so much.  People at the Gala saw my outfit they couldn’t believe that I could paint.  I haven’t done for over 30 some years.  You make me enjoy that even more than ever.  My husband so proud what I can do.  I love it.  Thanks a lot. Hope some day i will come back to visit you or study with you again!  Miss you!

Dear Karen,

It is very difficult to find the right words to describe the past week being in your workshop From my first e-mail from you, I could just feel your warmth and enthusiasm.  Then when I walked in your door late that night after a full day of travel, you and Rick made me feel so very welcome.

Now for the workshop experience—As you know, I was definitely a beginner at silk painting.  Through your excellent teaching skills and your patience with me (even though you had to push me and give me encouragement at times), I feel I came a long way in just one week.  I still have a long way to go but as I sit here writing this note to you, I am looking at my scarf and mounted painting almost in disbelief that I was able to accomplish this, thanks to your wonderful guidance and instruction.  I plan to keep on practicing and using the skills you instilled in us (even though I may not remember them all).  I have read the booklet you wrote and it will be most helpful when I start my first project on my own.  I truly appreciate that you are willing to share your knowledge with others. You are one-of-a-kind!!  The world needs more people like you—what a better place it would be.

And now to you and Rick and your warm hospitality—As I told you both many times, I felt like I was on a cruise ship as we sat in your lovely dining room with the beautiful view and the beautiful and elegant table settings.  Then came the food.   Oh my gosh!!!!!!  I felt like a queen to say the least.  Rick is just an AWESOME cook!  Every meal was beautifully prepared, elegantly served and absolutely delicious!!!

I could go on and on as I am still in total awe over everything.  To sum it up, it was a week in my life that I will never forget.  You and Rick are a great “team” and truly the most warm and wonderful hosts.  The friendships I formed during this past week are truly a gift.  All of you, including Kim and Ann, will remain dear to my heart forever.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you.  I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Bear hugs,

What a joy it was to work with such a wonderful group of “silky” friends.  Another major accomplishment for all of us.  Stepping out of the box into unknown territory – kinda scarry but once the fear was gone what a huge relief and a big step forward.  You have a unique gift to share and build confidence in us to produce such beautiful masterpieces.  They are all gorgeous!!!

You have inspired me emotionally in a way I have yet to define.  I love strong women who are living/expressing that which they have been given.  As a child, I was not allowed to do art.  My blue collar parents wanted more from there children, and saw the brilliance and [potential in each of us, so we were college bound.  I didn’t make it until years later.  I have struggled with perfection as a personal requirement, which has hindered growth.  I realize there is process, and gentleness required. There is also a grace we obtain in our spirit overtime.



Thank you Miss Kare for what you bring to this sojourn.  Keep manifesting yourself, as you encourage in ways that cannot be defined.



I don’t think you yet realize the healing you bring to the earth.

Wonderful to see this from you, Karen.  I just arrived in a meditation center in the foothills of the Himalayas for a seminar on living and dying consciously. It is beautiful here and I am reminded of how I felt when we were in your home. I am looking forward to our next class and seeing you again!

Dear Karen,

I don’t think I have the words to describe the weekend with you.

As I told you, meeting you was as if I was seeing a friend I had known for a long time.

As you talked about spirits that are with you, I think that may be we knew each other in previous lifetimes.

You are such a wonderful and warm person.

I loved the meals Rick prepared for us. Please thank him very much for me.

Your home is so  lovely too, and I loved all the beautiful things in it.

Last, but not least, thank your for teaching me the wonderful art that you do.

You are such a talented person and the gorgeous things you do are testimony to that.

I think I actually did something artistic over the last weekend.

You are a wonderful teacher and I truly mean that.

I am artistically challenged, as you probably saw.

But you were so generous and so great with your praise that I could do more than I thought I could.

You share your knowledge so completely and willingly too.

Your gentle guidance and instructions made me more confident that I could do this and more in the future.

Thank you, again.

Dear Karen,

Thank you and Rick so very much for an extraordinary time!  We were simply overwhelmed by your wonderful and thoughtful hospitality. We enjoyed Rick’s excellent cooking and appreciated the way he anticipated our need for snacks throughout the day! Your warmth and humor were icing on the cake.

Karen, thank you so very much for your excellent instruction and introduction to the fascinating world of silk painting. You are indeed a true Master of the art and I have never seen any silk painting that even comes close to yours in terms of sheer beauty. I am thrilled that I was able to snag three of your lovely scarves!

As for your home, I have never been in such a beautiful one, with every inch so artistically decorated. Padma and I loved our room downstairs, and you had thought about everything!

I can’t wait to see you again! Next April seems so far away!  I look forward to seeing you and Rick here after I get back from India.

I will be sending you the mirror piece in a day or two.

My regards and thanks to Rick.


Warm regards,





It was a fantabulously superlicious experience (pl include this new word in the Sistek dictionary) taking this workshop and I am all charged and fired to be back home to get started  after my second part of fun and games in San Jose and around is done.


Rick is so wonderful and so helpful and it was such a pleasure to experience his culinary delights at the dinner table every evening, what with your hand at setting the table so artistically to create a beautiful 5 star ambience


Do please remind him to email his recipe for the beef stir fry and Caesar salad dressing and also our painting pics if I need to print more greeting cards.

Lots of love to u both.l


My Dear Karen, it was such honor for me to have one of the best experience of my life with you.

I enjoy every moment of it, and i thank you with all the language of the world, you and you beautiful Art and your beautiful personality, and all your surrounding was so perfect for me, God bless you and your beautiful family, you are a Art Angele in my life. please thank , your husband (Top Chef ) for me too.
Love you, My heart sing when i think about this 5 incredible days with you.
I guarded my art with my heart and we’re home, safe to getter now!
Take Care And All The Best For You.



If any of you are considering taking a silk painting class, I highly recommend Karen Sistek. She’ll cover anything from resist, color blending, mounting and of course her technique with Magic Sizing. I was actually considering not taking her class for another year or two (until I had more experience) but she is not only a talented artist, she is a skilled teacher for any experience level. It was an amazing week and she completely changed the way I approach my paintings now. My “Fun Meter” was “Maxed” on high the entire week! Thanks for everything Karen!

Michele Wallick